45 Best Hand-Picked Dracula and Vampire Movies

45 Best Hand-Picked Dracula and Vampire Movies


Vampires, do they really exist on Earth? For some people, they exist and they are believed that they hunt animals and humans at nights to be fed and get stronger. And most of the people say that they are just a creation of someone’s imagination.

Both of two ideas are acceptable because nobody still was able to prove if they exist or do not exist. So it is still a mystery, but we can enjoy the Vampire movie productions manipulating the fears, eroticism, violence…

vampire movies

The Vampire movies are not only thought to be involved in horror genre but also in suspenser genre. Because there are many kinds of Vampire movies, we can seperate them into two genres independently.

Some of them are involved in horror genres and the others are classified in suspenser genre, perhaps some movies could be involved in both genres. But there is no doubt that all of them are involved in similar categories.

Wearing black suit and sucking victims’ blood , identified with nights, Vampires are able to hunt with their massive power at least on a movie.

Including years between early 1900’s to present time, we have come with the best 50 Vampire Movies list, presicely chosen and selected by us for providing you an enjoyable time when you are free.

1. Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des grauens (1922)

If you are a cinephile and you like the horror genre, you can not say i haven’t seen Nosferatu 1922 version. It is really a masterwork and timeless production. Its description of the vampires is still shapes the vampires physically.The Vampire’s slow movements make him more scary and cool. The shap of his ears resembles the devil. This description of the vampires is still being used in the Vampire movies, and this also makes it timeless.

nosferatu eine symphonie des grauens

2. Let the Right One in (2008)

Swedish dramatic and romantic production Let the Right One in is one of the best movies of the year 2008. It is based on the unusual relationship between two kids and consequences of it.

let the right one in

3. Near Dark (1987)

During the 1980’s, Vampires had turned into punk junkies, they are rushing around, fighting, taking drugs and drinking alcohol. They act like a human punk biker gang. This production is highlighted by its intimate approach to vampire and human life.

near dark

4. Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Two immortal, depressive, long lived vampires Adam and Eve left their beliefs behind and love each other too much. And the story begins with the Eve’s troublemaker sister arrival.

only lovers left alive

5. Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

Unforgettable vampire movie Nosferatu was recorded in the early 1920’s. Shadow of the Vampire tells us that the actor playing the count was really a vampire. And he will be paid with another star Gereta Schroder’s neck during the final scene of the movie.

shadow of the vampire


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