What is The All Instagram Image Size 2018

What is The All Instagram Image Size 2018


When you visit your profile or page on social media, it will be the visual design of your page / profile first.

Whether you are an individual or an enterprise user in social media, you need to pay attention to your visual design as well as the importance that you share to increase the quality of your profile.

instagram image size

Therefore, each platform will benefit you by adjusting your designs accordingly, taking into account the specific design dimensions.

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In particular, tailoring the social profiling of brands to these design dimensions will ensure that the mark increases the quality of the people’s eyes.

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If you want to fit the photo size in the style you want, you should have photos that are not altered in size by the instagram and are not cropped. Otherwise, the instagram portrait dimensions instagram image size 2018 instagram portrait ratio instagram dimensions 2018 instagram vertical dimensions instagram picture size 2018 instagram post size 2018 instagram resolution 2018 images are cropped or resized with the instagram auto-sizer. The square area we have seen for ourselves is 1080 × 1080, which is reserved for photos shared on the diagram.

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All content is compressed or auto-fit in this area. If your photos have a width and height of 1080 × 1080, there will be no cropping or slipping in your photos.

Square Instagram Image (Original Size)

instagram image 1080px

Vertical Instagram Image

instagram image size 1080px 1350px

Horizontal Instagram Image

Horizontal Instagram Image

The general footage that should be known for the size of an instagram photo should be 320 pixels by 1080 pixels wide. If you have provided a width of 320-1080p and your aspect ratio of your photos conforms to the 1.91 / 1 or 4/5 standards, then the resolution of any of your photos will not change, as it is in the Instagram.

1080 × 565 is the ideal photo size for you if you want a short and horizontal wide. The original dimensions defined for profile photographs will be 110 × 110 form if the size of the Instagram profile will come up.

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